Moges Abebe, Ph.D., MDiv

  • Associate Professor of BiologyDepartment of Biological and Physical Sciences

Contact Info:

  • 919.516.4152
  • Penick Hall Room 204

Educational Background

B.S. – Chemistry, 1974
Coppin State University

M.Div. – Master in Divinity, 1996
Southeastern Baptist Seminary

Ph.D. – Physical Chemistry, 1979
Howard University

Post Doc. – Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1983
Georgetown University

Area(s) of Research

  • High Pressure and High Temperature Chemistry
  • Fiber Optics
  • Patent issued under the following title: “Fabrication of Polarization Preserving Fiber Optic couplers.”


Ordained Minister


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SAU Organizations


Community Involvement

Hallelujah Soup Kitchen (Cofounder, manager)
International Christian Church (Pastor)

Favorite Quote

To be more effective I need to periodically sharpen my axe


The work listed above is proof of what the Almighty God has accomplished through me and what I was able to do with His help.